23rd November 2023

AI at BR Podcast #3: Content creation

Andrew Simmonds
Head of EMEA Content
AI at BR Podcast

In episode 3 of the Branch Road podcast, we delve into the shifting sands of content creation, regulation, brand management, and the role AI plays in these dynamic landscapes.

In an era where brands can no longer fully control their narratives due to the rapid pace of social media, we explore the concept of ‘headless brands’ and how they adapt to a world that moves faster than a marketing plan.

  • How can brands navigate the challenges of maintaining a cohesive identity in the face of ‘headless’ social narratives that evolve without their direct input?
  • Can companies leverage the rapid and sometimes unpredictable shifts in brand perception on social media to their advantage?

We also tackle the regulatory chaos of AI, where opinions swing wildly between AI as a threat and as a non-issue. And for the creatives out there, we pose a burning question:

  • Can the value of human-made art hold its ground against AI-generated pieces that require little to no traditional artistic skill?

Lastly, we discuss the intersection of AI and marketing.

  • Will AI’s capacity to churn out content lead to a flood of mediocrity, or will it elevate more winning content?
  • Could we see a future so dominated by AI that traditional marketing becomes obsolete?
  • If so, how much will humanity will remain in the loop?

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