24th January 2024

Why marketers shouldn’t sleep on Pinterest as a marketing tool

Xavier Genest
Content Writer
Why marketers shouldn't sleep on Pinterest as a marketing tool

The quiet rise of Pinterest as a powerful, untapped marketing tool 

As marketers, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to reach and engage with new audiences across social platforms. While the usual suspects like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have long been the go-to options, Pinterest is quickly emerging as a powerful marketing tool with untapped opportunities for businesses. But for those that can gain traction on the platform, there’s a massive audience waiting.

Pinterest’s untapped potential

With a staggering 465 million monthly users, Pinterest is ripe for the taking. What sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms is its focus on visual content. Users come to Pinterest to discover and save ideas, making it an ideal platform for businesses to showcase their products and services in a visually appealing way.

What’s more, Pinterest’s users aren’t window shoppers — they’re highly engaged and hungry for inspiration. According to a survey, 49% of “Pinners” say they develop a better relationship with brands they love through visual search. In other words, it’s a golden opportunity for marketers to connect with their target audience on a deeper level and build brand loyalty.

The aesthetics of Pinterest marketing

When it comes to Pinterest marketing, it’s about inspiring and captivating users by being easy on the eye. Pinterest offers a visual feast for the eyes, with its users devouring images, infographics, and videos nearly 1 billion videos per day. This visual focus provides marketers with different avenues to engage with their audience and tell their brand story in a dynamic and immersive way. But to do that, marketers need to invest in creating high-quality visuals that align with their target audience.

And let’s not forget, Pinterest also serves as an excellent platform for repurposing existing content. By adapting content for the visual nature of Pinterest, marketers can easily tap into a new audience — broadening their reach and impact.

Leveraging collaborative boards 

One of Pinterest’s most intriguing features is its collaborative boards, where multiple contributors can curate content around specific themes. Boards can act as a potent tool for taste-making marketers trying to reach a wider audience and tap into the collective creativity of their target market.

By inviting influencers, brand advocates, or even customers to contribute to collaborative boards, marketers can expand their reach and tap into new networks. It’s not just about increasing brand visibility, but also fostering a sense of community and engagement around the brand.

Gauging Pinterest success

Like any strategic endeavour, it’s important to measure the success of Pinterest marketing efforts. Fortunately, Pinterest provides a range of tools and analytics to help marketers track and optimise their campaigns.

Pinterest Analytics reveals key metrics — including impressions, clicks, saves, and engagement —to provide invaluable insights into audience preferences and the effectiveness of strategies. For the analytically adventurous, third-party tools offer deeper dives into trends, competitor performances, and optimisation options for maximum ROI. 

To put a pin in this blog…

Among the monotony of Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest can prove to be a wildcard for businesses. Boasting visual charm and a highly engaged user base, the platform provides a unique opportunity for marketers to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. 

By understanding the user base, creating compelling visuals, utilising collaborative boards, and measuring ROI, marketers can shape an effective Pinterest marketing strategy that drives engagement, conversions, and above all, brand loyalty. So, don’t sleep on Pinterest as a powerful addition to your marketing arsenal — or you may find yourself late to the party. 

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