Revamping Smartnumbers' brand identity to differentiate it in a congested industry

Smartnumbers: Standing out from the competition

The Brief

Searching for a way to stand out in a busy market, Smartnumbers recognised its brand was in need of modernising to reflect the bold and contemporary way it did business and the forward-thinking nature of its technology.

Our Approach

  • First, we held an in-depth narrative workshop to understand what made Smartnumbers special and unique from the competition. We uncovered audience pain points, analysed competitors, and drafted a new narrative complete with a messaging framework.
  • Next, our design team created mood boards and design elements to match the new narrative and bring it to life. We created brand assets, style guides, a new logo, social identities, zoom backgrounds, sales decks and product brochures.
  • Finally we crafted an entirely new website to give the brand space to live and breath. This included a new sitemap, reimagining the user experience, new illustrations and iconography, and simplified terminology to distill a complex proposition into easily digestible content and a glorious visual aesthetic.


  • Overwhelming positive feedback from employees, customers, prospects and channel partners
  • Increase in web traffic through improved search performance
  • Elevated conversions through more intelligent CTA placement and more persuasive copy

The new brand and visual identity is a marked step change for Smartnumbers and a huge shift in the right direction. Combine this new aesthetic with a complete overhaul of site navigation, improved user experience and simplified site content, and we now have a digital environment that educates and converts website traffic into new prospects far more effectively than before.

Grant White, Senior Marketing Manager, Smartnumbers
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