Raising awareness for FLIR Systems’ thermal imaging technology

Flir: Awareness campaign

The Brief

FLIR, the leader in thermal imaging, wanted to create broad brand awareness in the UK and Germany.  Historically, as a B2B company with little to no consumer brand awareness, we were challenged to develop a national media campaign which would drive interest around the FLIR brand and demonstrate how thermal imaging can help visualise mainstream issues.


Our Approach

By harnessing the issue of air pollution, we worked with WE Communications to build an awareness campaign focused on demonstrating how FLIR’s technology enables people to physically see air pollution. By using FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras, we were able to create highly compelling visuals which brought the issue to the forefront and was crucial for raising awareness.
We created two high-impact videos for the UK and Germany to demonstrate how the transport sector is the number one pollutant. Then, we amplified the videos across top-tier media outlets, hooking into Sadiq Khan’s plans to reduce air pollution in London. 

The Impact

We generated coverage in over 21 UK outlets including Evening Standard, Reuters, BBC 10 O’clock  news, Science Daily, Edie.net, Energy & Environment Management, AOL and MSN. Reaching a total audience of +98 million

Branch Road listens to the organisations they work with, they learn the brand, they learn the personality and they deliver on those stories accordingly. That’s one of the great things about working with them.

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