Accelerating opportunities to pipeline for Celonis

Celonis: Change Agent Workshops

The Brief

Looking to push opportunities through to pipeline, Celonis devised a series of workshops designed to educate audiences on the value of its proposition with a mixture of thought leadership and customer presentations. 

Change Agent Event

Our Approach

  • We created a strategy that encompassed all stages of the event: pre, during and post event. 
  • We crafted a narrative to tell Celonis’ story in a more human and compelling way, placing digital transformation and customer experience at the forefront of the messaging
  • Based on the narrative we created: pre and post-event nurture programmes to differentiated audiences, online adverts, talk tracks for speakers, promotional videos and other content as requested by Celonis
  • We also provided on-site support to ensure the site was branded, speakers were briefed and mic’d, and the event ran smoothly

The Change Agent Workshop was the first of a series to help us demonstrate the value of Celonis to high-profile prospects. They have since proven a pivotal moment in our journey to securing new business. Branch Road was indispensable in organising the event and building the content—from email nurtures to presentations. They also provided on the day support and filmed crucial moments of the event to help create content for future promotion efforts. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Jonathan Munn, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Celonis


  • Out of 20 selected attendees, 16 transformed into qualified leads and 9 led to meetings
  • Generated several million of pounds of potential revenue, a sizeable contribution to Celonis’ pipeline goals 
  • Helped close two deals
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