Dropbox X Branch Road

Our nine year love story with Dropbox

Who are we and why should you care?

As a full-service agency, our capabilities span marketing – from helping Dropbox raise awareness of a new product update, to creating content to help you drive and nurture leads.

  • It’s a growing relationship: We’ve worked with over 50 Dropbox team members across EMEA, JPAC, and the US for nine years.

  • We know your product: We’re familiar with the whole range: We’ve worked with marketing leads across Replay, Sign, Dash, DocSend, and Dropbox Core.

  • Your parents love us! We’re brand approved and some of us even have Dropbox emails!

  • We’ve matured, together: From enterprise to MM/SMB/VSMB, from direct to channel, from speaking with film directors and customers to hackathon winners.

  • We do it all: Design, events, video, blogs, websites, animations, sales enablement, social, lead and demand gen.

Our relationship in practice

Here’s how we’ve helped your colleagues achieve their objectives:

Telling customer stories

We’ve worked with Dropbox teams around the world to tell your stories, through your customers. Like our work with 59Productions, which included:

  • An anthem video
  • Social clips
  • Written case study
  • Event talk track
  • Email nurture

Bespoke content packages that drive sales

We worked with the team at Dropbox Sign to create a full content package that was entirely catered to the team’s key objective — driving sales. As part of the project, we created 13 eBooks, 40 blogs spanning all levels of the funnel, 1 webinar, a 1000+ participant research report, and more…


pieces of content delivered


integrated campaigns

Creative content activation

The content landscape is moving far beyond just the written word. Your audience wants to be engaged. That’s why, we work with Dropbox to bring complex, information-dense ideas to life — in the form of interactive data essays.

Creating and promoting Dropbox’s first AI webinar

We worked with Dropbox to create the company’s first ever AI webinar — designed to help customers capitalise on the AI revolution — from scratch. Using a bespoke talk track, and supporting landing page, we supported Dropbox all the way, and the results speak for themselves…


Registrations to partake in the webinar


Questions asked by attendees

“Branch Road listens to the organisations they work with, they learn the brand, they learn the personality and they deliver on those stories accordingly. That’s one of the great things about working with them.”

Marketing Lead, Dropbox

Bringing your story to life with video

Our team of videographers have worked with Dropbox to bring countless customer stories, use cases, and product demos to life through film. Whatever your video production or design needs, we’re ready to help guide you through the process — from concept to final product — in a way that gets results.

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